Let’s collaborate to build a brand!

Let’s Collaborate!

Building a brand is all about getting the right attention for what you are doing. After my solo efforts (clicking, liking and following) on Instagram it is time for the next step. One of the items on the To-Do-List in my previous blog about ‘Building an audience on Instagram’ was to collaborate with influencers that promote your brand to their audience.

And in this case I got a little help from Sanne. Sanne recently started an Instagram account and a blog (www.tornadeaux.com) focused on fashion and beauty with a personal touch from her own adventures. She contacted me through Instagram, asking if I was interested in collaborating on a few blog items. I could not argue with this brilliant timing so we agreed to meet at my workshop to discuss what we will do.

Sanne has written a great blog about the meeting, her motivations and our plans. Please read her story on her blog via www.tornadeaux.com. She tells the story better than I can.

For me the collaboration effort does not stop here, so I am actively looking for Fashion enthusiasts and bag lovers that are interested in helping to build –This Bag Is Not For Sale– and spread the word. Of course there is something in return. I will create a unique leather bag, designed together, that can be used for promotion and to keep. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, let me know.

My next blog will focus on building a website for This Bag Is Not For Sale.

Thank you for your attention. Hope to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Warm regards, Jim