How to launch a new brand?

How to launch a new brand?

So I have a brand (This Bag Is Not For Sale) a product (the bags), I think I know who it is for and I have created a few ways to communicate with people. The current communication channels are, this blog, Instagram, Facebook and twitter. I have picked these communication channels because I know them a bit. They came to mind first. When I am brought to other ideas along the way I am open to switch or add channels.

This blog is a simple and standard WordPress template you can get started with by logging into and follow the steps presented to you. What you see is created in a few hours with no extra programming or technical knowledge on my end.

One of the important lessons I have learned is that getting something started is more important than waiting till everything is perfect. The things I still need are a website with a shop and most important of all: an audience that appreciates what I am offering and is able to find it.

All of the communication channels have recently been created for TBINFS by myself. They require no special knowledge other than subscribing and following the steps. The help features are great in case you get stuck. Because I figured the website would be the hardest to build and change I want to do a little research on how to launch a new brand before I start the building process. This to make sure it will create the right bang.

Because I want to see where I can get on a 500 euro budget I will not ask a local marketing agency to help me out, but let google be my guide. So I asked Google: How do you launch a new brand? And How do you launch a new product?

From the first search results I picked:

5 tips to successfully launch a new brand

10 steps for successfully launching a new product or service

Launch! How to execute a breakthrough brand rollout

How to Launch a New Product: A 7-Step Checklist for Nailing Your Next Launch

After reading the four articles I created my own list that I will use to match my product. Big thanks to the writers of the articles for sharing their findings and tips.

Position the product. Who is it for? Why is it different?

If you do not know your potential customer it will be very hard to create a look and feel and message that attracts the right people. I have been going through thousands of posts on Facebook and Pinterest to get a feel for my audience. My target audience is fashionably sensitive, primarily female, has a strong personality and values accessories to make a personal statement. My bags are fashionable, not to shiny and one of a kind. My bags have a unique touch and the owner will always be able to say This Bag Is Not For Sale. There is no second.

Study your audience and know what they want and how they talk

Social media has been great for me to take care of this part. Follow hashtags on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to learn the slang of your audience. The pictures on Instagram showed me where fashion is going and if my products could fit in. Also asking questions to people that follow you or like your posts helps to learn what it was that they liked or even what they would like to see different. The future will tell if I did my research well.

Create an appealing story and be consistent in your branding and message

It completely resonates with me that this is important, but…this is also the part I am still working on. I have decided to openly go through this process on this blog instead of doing all the work behind the scenes. This is also where I hope to get input from you as a reader. So feel free to comment on picture material and story around the brand.

Find your influencers and ask them to talk about your product

Thinking your product is awesome is a start, but it only sells if other people think so to. Referrals are important to help people see and like what you are doing. When someone famous likes what you do a lot of people will come and watch what you are doing. This starts with family and friends. When you have them on board you have a pretty wide reach already through their networks if they are willing to like and share what you are doing.

Have a goal in mind but be ready to adjust

In a previous post I shared a list of goals that I would like to achieve before February 2017. Of course I hope to overachieve on some of them and I am also willing to give some up if it is needed to make others a success. I can already see that every part of the process takes a lot of time and that will might mean make different choices.

Make a plan and write it down.

Many times I thought that what I was going to do was clear enough that I would remember in a few days or weeks. Unfortunately I have lost brilliant ideas and action plans this way. 😉 It really helps to write down what you are planning to do, how you are going to do it and who you need to make it happen. This becomes your navigation system. Always ready to change route for the right reason, but when there is no good reason to leave the road you stay on it.

Perfect timing never comes – Launch and tweak

Don’t think that you can cook the perfect meal secretly without testing and talking about it. At some point you will have to act and put it out there. It will always have things to fix or improve. Because you think so or because someone else thinks so.

Because the audience is so important. My next moves will focus on getting in touch with and growing my audience. I have been playing around with Instagram a bit so my next blog will focus on that.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you will share your suggestions and feedback. And see you on Instagram.

The Photoshoot

The Photoshoot

The real no-brainer in building a brand for leather bags was that I needed good photo material to showcase the bags. Erwin Budding is a good friend and offered to help organize a photoshoot in Amsterdam. Erwin posted a request on several Facebook groups where models, make-up artists and photographers exchange work to build their portfolio. You can find these groups by searching for TFP (Time For Portfolio). We received about 40 reactions from models that wanted to cooperate with the shoot and we selected 4. Unfortunately 2 dropped for personal reasons and on the pictures you can see how the other two made sure we totally forgot about that.

To make sure weather conditions, light and the looks of nature would serve the results, I wanted to do this close to summer as possible. You might say that October 16th is not that close to summer, but looking back it was the best possible day for a shoot. We have the pictures to prove it.  The trees, the light and the temperature was great!

On October 16th 2016 Erwin Budding (Erwin Budding Photography) and I packed all gear and bags on a handcart in Amsterdam and we walked to the café where we agreed to meet the models Manouk (check her profile on Instagram)) and Elselyne (from Mix Models & check her profile on Instagram) around 10.00 in the morning. After a good cup of coffee we started the shoot across the street. This is where the picture above this post is taken.

Between 10.00 and 14.00 we walked through Amsterdam spotting nice places to shoot, shoot great pictures, have fun and move on. This was my first time working with models in a photoshoot and a my expectations were a bit colored by the divas on TV shows. Huge compliments go to Elselyne and Manouk for their relaxed and professional attitude. They are a dream to work with. With great patience and perfection they repeated the same walk or pose, when the busy life in Amsterdam disrupted the desired image. Please visit their profiles and give them a thumbs up for their work.

Better than words does this short video give an impression of a great day:

Erwin and I closed the day at Café Winkel 43 with the best Apple pie in Amsterdam in a warm October sun. Next blog posts will be decorated with more pictures from the shoot. The pictures will also be used on Social Media and on the final website that needs to be created in the next months.

Are you looking for a truly awesome photographer please contact Erwin Budding. The way he picked the right spots, arranged the perfect light and talked everybody through the shoot was just superb.