Introducing – This Bag Is Not For Sale

This Bag Is Not For Sale – TBINFS

TBINFS is a new brand for leather bags and a marketing experiment. I love to create leather bags and have been doing this for a few years now. Next to this I believe that everthing is possible until proven otherwise and I have an interest in digital marketing. Driven by a second believe, that knowledge is commodity and that all resources you need to make a success are available and affordable, I thought it was time to gather my own proof for my statements.

The aim is to successfully launch ‘This Bag Is Not For Sale’ (TBINFS) as a new brand for unique leather bags. Google will be my navigator to helpful advice on how to take all steps needed. Marketing services will be sourced from to make sure my efforts can be replicated by others with a small budget. Of course Social Media will play a big role in how the new brand will find its fans.

On this Blog I will share every step of the way. The questions I ask to search engines, the requests I submit to others, etc… Besides this blog you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram.

This Bag Is Not For Sale is all about that special bag. That bag that fits you and just you. You are the only one to have that bag. A second one is not for sale.

I hope you join me and enjoy the ride

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